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Andrew M. Bott

To help you introduce me, here's a brief bio...

  • 1st job at 13: programming computers
  • Studied math at university
  • 3 beautiful daughters
  • Lived happily in Taiwan for 20+ years
  • Traveled to 35+ countries
  • Climbed Island Peak in Nepal [6100m] & Mt. Jade [玉山] here in Taiwan
  • Principal of American school in Taoyuan
  • Former president FYTC
  • Club mentor and coach for CMUTC, USITC & BTTC
  • District 67 finalist in International Speech, Evaluation & Tabel Topics contests
  • Considered to be very humorous, yet has never won a humorous speech contest -- yet 😀
  • Has Dershr, a successful, high-tech trading company supplying HSR train seats as well as jet ski and snow mobile components for Yamaha and Bombardier.
  • CEO of Dawn Property. Dawn helps its Taiwan clients to become property developers so they can have early retirement. How does he do it? By providing a safe financial future by using well-known, trusted and high profit property investment strategies: 1投5利 & 1投萬利
  • Next business: Chinglish 2 English. C2E is a humorous way to learn English & Chinese by celebrating the differences between the two languages and cultures.

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Confirm & Firefighters

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please confirm your meeting assignment below:

    Tuesday, 17th September @ 7:00pm

      Aden Lu  (陸聖元)

      Allan Ji  (紀政助)
     Acting President

      Daisy Liu  (劉佩瑜)

      Eric Chiu  (邱士展)

      Hanst Lu  (呂士函)

      Jennifer Lee  (李瑞梅)

      Julia Chang  (張麗珠)

      Kevin Chen  (陳 冠文)

      Miranda Wang  (汪俐玲)

      Sandy Fang  (方承恵)

      Teresa Chang  (張海星)

      Vincent Wang  (王炳森)

      Vivian Lo  (羅詠虹)

      Wayne Chang  (張維邦 )

      Wendy Ku  (辜惠玲)

    VIPs, MWOAs & Firefighters

      Carol Chang  (張月琴)

      Chanel Huang  (黃秀芳)

      Cihyu Hong  (洪慈妤)

      Frank Chen  (陳皓阡)

      Jason Wei

      Judy Lin  (林淑湄)

      Michelle Lai  (賴秀春)

      Patrick Lu  (呂孟東)

      Spring Chen  (陳秀春)

      Susan Lin  (林素香)

      Walker Wu  (吳文翔)

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Fengyuan Toastmasters Club
Day:1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month.
Next:Tuesday, 17 September  @  7:00pm
Venue:豐原藝文館 2F 糕餅文化館  台中市豐原區育仁路81號
2F Pastry Gallery, Fengyuan Arts & Music Center, No. 81, Yuren Rd, Fengyuan District, Taichung 42082